Refrigeration Laboratory and Air Conditioning Laboratory equipment includes:

- calorimeter chamber that consists of two independent rooms, where it is possible to maintain required temperature (range from - 30oC do +60oC) with controlled relative humidity and with precise heat balance for each part of the chamber. In the chamber air conditioners and heat pumps can be tested according to:

ISO 5151: Non-ducted air conditioners and heat pumps-Testing for performance

The chamber is also capable of testing radiators, convectors, heaters. The heat transfer coefficient of buildings elements like windows, doors, skylights etc. can be tested according to:

PN-EN 1934: Thermal performance of buildings. Determination of thermal resistance by hot box method using heat flow meter. Masonry
PN-EN ISO 8990: Thermal insulation. Determination of steady-state thermal transmission properties. Calibrated and guarded hot box.

- test rigs for testing the air tightness of dampers and fire dampers according to:

PN-EN 1751:2002: Ventilation for buildings. Air terminal devices. Aerodynamic testing of dampers and valves.

PN-EN ISO 5167: Measurement of fluid flow by means of pressure differential devices inserted in circular cross-section conduits running full.

PN-EN 1366-2:2001: Fire resistance test for service installations. Part 2: Fire dampers

- test rig for testing terminal devices according to:

PN-EN 12238: Ventilation for buildings. Air terminal devices. Aerodynamic testing and rating for mixed flow application.

Air flow range up to 10 000 m3/h, room height up to 7,0 m. Measured parameters: pressure drop as a function of flow, effective velocity,
- throw Data acquisition system is based on the newest European measuring technology AHLBORN

This fully equipped and updated regularly laboratory rigs and qualified scientific staff of Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Department offers the cooperation including:

§ testing of air conditioning and refrigeration machinery,
§ design the test rigs and data acquisition systems,
§ creating characteristics of heat and ventilation devices,
§ testing of thermodynamic properties of refrigerants,
§ testing of the heat transfer coefficients of building elements, windows, doors etc.,
§ lectures, seminars and training (also in English):

- ventilation and air conditioning systems designing,
- thermodynamics of air processing and air devices in ventilation and air-conditioning systems,
- air-conditioning, ventilation and refrigeration systems,
- refrigeration and heat pumps,
- absorption refrigerating systems,
- modern refrigerants,
- refrigerants recovery,
- control systems for refrigerating and air-conditioning devices,
- measurement and control of heat devices,
- thermodynamics,
- modeling and system analysis,
- Computer Aided Designing CAD (AutoCAD, CADVENT),
- using of processing programs (software) for selection of ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration system elements,
- heat balance of buildings software (OZC),

§ consulting in refrigeration and air-conditioning systems,
§ energetic audits,
§ creating expertise's and technical opinions of machinery, systems and installations (ventilation, air-conditioning, refrigeration, heat pumps).