Our department's staff take part in research projects related to thermal engineering, air protection, ventilation, air-condition and refrigration. Presently, the projects on following subjects are being conducted:

1. Optimization research on materials and energy in ventilating and air conditioning processes as well as in reversed cycles of heat pumps and refrigerators.
2. Modelling of processes and cycles realised for parameter change of air, considering humidification and dehumidification of air taking into accout coefficients of performance and energy savings.
3. Research on using methods of solving optimalizatoin tasks of reversed cycles described with non linear and discrete functions. The Monte Carlo method and experiment planning is used for optimum search for technical and economical objective function.
4. Investigation of working conditions and acceptable efficiency of compressor refrigerating cycles working with ecologically acceptable refrigerant mixtures.
5. Absorption cycle with regenerative heat exchange in desorption process and its impact on egzergetic efficiency.
6. Intra-cycle heat exchange and its impact on efficiency of direct evaporating cooling system
7. Research on oil presence impact in a description of compression process and lubrication impact on atmospheric degradation of environment.
8. A refrigeration system structure impact on a performance when using refrigerant mixtures.