International Cooperation

1. Membership in international scientific societes:

Member of ASHRAE (American Society of Heating Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Eng.)Atlanta, USA
Member of the International Advisory Board at the International Journal of Refrigeration, Oxford, United Kingdom
Member of the Commission E1- Air Conditioning of International Institute of Refrigeration, Paris, France Member of the Commission D2/3 -Test Stations of International Institute of Refrigeration, Paris, France

2. Scientific foreign experiences

1989 do 1992 -Canada, Moncton, New Brunswick; University of Moncton, School of Engineering,Research Center for Energy Conversion, Post Doctoral Research Associate.
1997 - United Kingdom, Manchester, Refrigerant Reclaiming Center, Refrigerant Products and UK Environmental Agency, 2 weeks training on refrigerants recovery recycling and reclamation organized under World Bank project Phase out of Ozone Depleting Substances
1998 - USA, Tennessee,University of Tennessee, Department of Mechanical Eng., College of Eng. 4 weeks workshop on Energy and Environmental Management
2000 - Sweden, Stockholm, Royal Institute of Technology and Kristinaberg Marine Research Laboratory, 4 weeks course as part of Polish+Swedish Course on Environmental Management